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Image Description. Whatever you type into the large text field will become the caption for your image when viewed. Feel free to mention materials, dimensions, wood species, special tools or techniques used to create the item.

Tags. These are words that describe the image in simplest terms. Tags are important as search terms, so we highly recommend using them.

Add or Edit Image Information. When you upload an image, it is saved with its filename as the default title. To create or modify the title, description or tags on any uploaded image, go to your Upload Image page, click on the thumbnail image you want to edit, and type your changes in the text boxes below the pop-up image.

Setting the default thumbnail. The thumbnail with the star () is the one that will appear in the index of member galleries. To change your default thumbnail, choose the one you’d like to display and click “Index Image.” The star will then appear over that image, indicating it is now the default.