Welcome to the WoodCentral Galleries!

Here’s your chance to create a personal online gallery of your finished work or other woodworking interests. You can invite discussion and share your ideas with the online community. This is primarily a woodworking gallery but you may post images of your other artistic endeavors, too.

To set up, maintain and update your gallery page, follow the simple instructions below. Additional instructions appear on the Upload Image page. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me.

Ellis Walentine
Webmaster & Host

Getting Started

1. Register. Before you can create your gallery, you will need to become a registered gallery member. Click on the Registration link at the top of this page and fill out and submit the registration form. Be sure to use your real first and last names when you register, as this will be the name of your gallery. Aliases are not acceptable. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration and listing the Username and Password that you have registered. You will need these to log in each time you update your gallery.

2. Create Your Gallery. Here’s where you create and name your gallery. Please use your real name as the name of your gallery. Each member will only be allowed one gallery.

3. Upload Image. Click the Browse button to search your computer for an image to upload to your gallery. Full-size camera images are discouraged, as they will display very slowly over slower connections. We recommend resizing original images to no more than 1600 pixels wide or 1000 pixels high. When you have selected your image, use the large Image Description box to create a caption for your image, then type a few identifying words in the Tags box. These are search terms that visitors will use to locate images of similar characteristics. When finished, click the Upload Image button and wait while the image is uploaded to our server. When the image has been uploaded, it will appear in a thumbnail, where you may delete it or rotate it. Continue uploading images if desired.

4. Add or Edit Image Information. When you upload an image, it is saved with its filename as the default title. To create or modify the title, description or tags on any uploaded image, go to your Upload Image page, click on the thumbnail image you want to edit, and type your changes in the text boxes below the pop-up image.