2a-1 by Derek Cohen

Lingerie Chest


I've always admired the complexity of the traditional Bombe chests, but my taste run towards contemporary designs. When my wife asked for a chest of drawers, this was my response. Jokingly I cal it "The Lingerie Chest" (hoping I do not have to fill it with frilly things!).

The frame-and-panels carcase is constructed of Makore, with drawers in figured Jarrah fronts and quarter sawn Tasmanian Oak secondary wood. The sides taper wider towards the bottom, and the drawer fronts are bow-shaped. Drawers are fitted to the carcase, and the compound curves made for some interesting dovetails and construction.

Construction is traditional mortice-and-tenon for the panels and sliding dovetails for all drawer blades. Only solid wood has been used. 90% handtool constructed.

The top is hinged to reveal a mirror (the chest can double as a dressing bureau). The brass fitting is shop-made. The top drawer shall have sliding trays to hold jewellery (this part is a work in progress - essentially the chest is complete).

Wood Used: 

Makore, Jarrah and Tasmanian Oak.

Materials Used: 

hand tools

Finish Used: 

Livos Universal Wood Oil"td1" valign="top">


48" high, 16" (top) 19" (bottom) wide, 19" deep.



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