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Loft Bed    Some years ago daughter wanted a loft bed for her dorm room.  I could not abide by the wiggly affairs the college sold.  I had some 16/4 poplar left from an order and made the bed from it.  It is held together with mortise and tenon, with bed bolts, which results in a structure that is assuredly not wiggle.  It spent many years in various college dorms and not it is in storage for grand daughters.

There was never an issue with it at the 1st daughter's engineering school but when second daughter erected it at a liberal arts college the administration worried it might not be safe.  I have no doubt it would hold up a car.


The sofa below is the first furniture I ever made for our apartment in MN.  It and a similarly simple end table was what we had along with a bed frame made from pallet 4 x 4's legs and a bridle joint frame of 2 x 4's. Simple hand tools sufficed for construction.    Wife sewed the cushions.   Second daughter uses the sofa in their family room.  She has recovered the cushions.
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